The Stars


Stars came and went in the six years of filming the series. Still fondly remembered by many are Alistair Mackenzie (Archie), Richard Briers (Hector), Dawn Steele (Lexie), Hamish Clark (Duncan) and Julian Fellowes (Kilwillie).



Other actors and actresses, with smaller, supporting parts have rotated through the cast list. In its latter days we welcomed Lloyd Owen as Paul, Simone Lahbib as Isobel, Martin Compston as 'enfant terrible' Ewan, Rae Hendrie as Golly's daughter, Anthony Head as Chester and, of course, the inimitable Tom Baker as Donald MacDonald.


Rae  Hendris - Monarch of the Glen


Personally, I don't know which gave me the most enjoyment - Tom Baker as Donald, or Tom Baker as the narrator in 'Little Britain' ("of course, I was asked to be Prime Minister, but it clashed with a voice over I was doing at the time"  or "I read a book once - it was called who on earth is Tom Baker").

Tom  Baker - Monarch of the Glen

In series 6, well known figures from other popular TV series appeared in smaller, some almost cameo, roles - James Fleet - Hugo Horton from the Vicar of Dibley - made a memorable appearance, as did Robert Fyfe - Howard in Last of the Summer Wine. Still going strong throughout the whole production was the supremely elegant and excellent Susan Hampshire as Molly MacDonald.


Susan Hampshire - Monarch of the Glen


A constant thread of laconic highland character running through the entire series has been the part of Golly. Sandy Morton - an absolute gentleman - one of the nicest and at the same time most interesting people you could ever hope to meet - has played the part beautifully. After an earlier life in such parts as baddies and even a bent copper in Taggart, Sandy found a real change of pace with the part of Golly and was evidently quite content with his lot.

Sandy  Morton - Monarch of the Glen







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