St Brides Church of Scotland

stbridesSt Bride's is in the centre of the village, 100 yards along Glen Road. Dedicated to St. Bride, the beautiful building is a physical union of two former churches, St. Andrew's and St. Columba's, constructed when their congregations united.

The ministry of St Brides is linked with that of Laggan - so services are conducted by the minister in both Laggan and Newtonmore Kirks each Sunday.

The form of service is familiar to most Reformed worshippers - Baptist, Methodist, United Free Church and so forth - but people of all creeds (and of none) are always made very welcome. This welcome is extended during the holiday season to worshippers from many lands, notably The Netherlands and Germany. We welcome people, we like to think, not just because it is Kirk Session policy, but because that is the kind of folk we are!

Sunday worship begins at 11.15am but look out for other occasional services or events which will be advertised locally from time to time.

The welcome to visitors extends to the Lord's Supper. It is the proud claim of the Church of Scotland that the Lord's Table in their churches is open to all who love Christ. Communion is celebrated eight times a year, including monthly Communions on the first Sunday of the month, during the principal holiday season, for the benefit of visitors. Registered charity: SCO 005490

St Brides Church of Scotland Newtonmore



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